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The Winter That Didn’t Happen

This year was definitely better for our customers — prices were low and the weather was much warmer than usual. Many of you actually said “Is that it?” upon being handed a bill, and I didn’t hear the thud of rocks hit the side of my oil truck as I would drive down the street.

Believe it or not, I would much rather tell a customer that oil prices are lower rather than higher. Going back two or three years ago, oil prices were high and many people struggled with the cost of heating their home, especially young families starting out and senior citizens.

Sure, the ideal scenario for any oil company to hope for is low oil prices for their customers in conjunction with a cold and windy winter so the trucks are busy. But, the truth is, we can’t control the weather. And the “big” oil companies along with Wall Street continue to control the price of heating oil.

Hopefully, prices will remain at reasonable levels. And we can all look forward to the summer, well, YOU can — apparently, you haven’t seen the honey-do-list waiting for me on my refrigerator!