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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please take a moment to read this privacy policy to understand how we handle your personal information. Protecting your privacy is important to Tandy Oil and we strive to keep your personal information confidential. By ensuring that you are aware of and understand the Tandy Oil Privacy Policy, we can serve you better.

Sharing and Selling Your Information
Tandy Oil will never, unless required by law, make your personal information available to any third parties. Contact information (including e-mail address) is never sold, nor shared through any operational or billing procedures.

Information we collect
At Tandy Oil, we respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not collect personally identifiable information about you through our website unless you voluntarily provide it. Examples of personally identifiable information that you may provide to us while using our site include:
• email address
• home address
• name
• phone number
• information about your computer and browser

Why Do We Collect Personal Information?
Tandy Oil may collect and use your personal information to provide you with easy access to our services and to contact you with additional questions when signing up for any of our offerings. Essentially, we collect your information to provide excellent service.

To improve our website, we collect information on the number of visits to our site, the time visitors spend on the website, the number of pages viewed and the domains from which visitors visit our website. This information is only analyzed by us in the aggregate; it is not associated with any specific individuals.

How Do We Collect Personal Information?
Tandy Oil collects information about you in several ways. For example, we might ask for your contact information when you request an account or place an order when using our app or online ordering forms. We will also collect your information if you ask to be included in our email list. In such cases, we collect and store information you provide in a secure database to be used when serving you as a Tandy Oil customer.

Parts of our website use cookies. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive or in your computer’s memory containing information about your visit and preferences. You may receive a cookie that compiles site usage information (number of visitors, most popular pages, etc.) and enhances your experience on our website. Many popular browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies.

How we use the information we collect
We use the information you voluntarily provide to:
• fulfill your request for service
• help you quickly find and/or receive information about Tandy Oil
• alert you to updated information and services
• provide more complete service
• improve the content of our website for your reference
• answer your questions

Legal Investigations
In the rare case of a legal investigation, Tandy Oil will cooperate fully with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?
Tandy Oil safeguards the security of the data you send using in-office and online security procedures. Employees at Tandy Oil understand that we are trusted with personal information. To make sure your personal information remains confidential, we communicate these privacy guidelines to every employee. We encourage you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the internet. Please change your passwords often and use best practices for security when creating those passwords.

How to reach us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please call us at (631) 298-1909 or contact us via our contact form.