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New Heating Oil Technologies

Very often, we all become swept up in a wave of enthusiasm as any new idea, product or concept is presented to us. The level of our interest is raised by two factors —

                1 — The ingenuity of the product

                2 — The “salesman’s” expertise in pushing the right buttons


Unfortunately, more often than not, these products are introduced to us by a marketing firm that has only one thing in mind — yup, you got it — money — their bottom line.

Heating equipment and accessories for your home are no exception! For example, I can’t count the number of times a customer has asked if I could reset their programmable thermostat. Now, with the many various manufacturers and models, this is almost impossible to accomplish unless  you have the instruction sheet! And we all know that 90% of customers don’t have the instructions anymore. Most people just simply live with manually adjusting the thermostat; therefore, losing whatever benefits they may have gained.

This was a very simple example, one I hope you understand. So, how about your heating system? When it comes time to replace your boiler or furnace — DON’T RELY ON JUST ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION! Do your homework!

The system your neighbor bought or your service company is recommending may not be the right fit for your home or your budget. Avoid being pressured into the “Latest & Greatest” — these high efficiency units are complicated and costly. Very often the initial cost and routine ‘specialized’ service comes at a price that eliminates any savings you were hoping for – not to mention that not just any service tech can work on these units. It takes specialized training, certification and product registry from the manufacturer.

Usually, your best avenue is to go with a unit that is more traditional. Choose a unit known for its reliability and ease of service. Don’t be taken in by efficiency ratings only.

Tried and True — is usually the front runner in reliability and longevity!

The Kurmudgeon (Master Plumber!)